Welcome to the new Fernandez Studio website

Hello, thank you for visiting and welcome to my new website and blog. I’m excited to introduce you to the site and take you on a quick tour of Fernandez Studio’s new home on the internet.

First, a quick introduction. My name is Carlos Fernandez. I’m an illustrator located in Houston TX specializing in logo design, icons and illustration. Prior to opening the studio, I’ve had the privilege to work as a staff designer for some very talented design firms and ad agencies. In 2000, I formed Fernandez Studio, a creative resource dedicated to serving agencies, firms and direct clients large & small. Since the studio’s launch I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some incredible art directors on a wide range of fun, exciting projects.

Prior to tackling the site, one of the first areas I wanted to address was taking the opportunity to refresh the studio’s logo and identity. Ever since the studio was first formed, it’s look & feel had been left incomplete and in flux. Launching the new website gave me the opportunity, and push, to finally resolve the studio’s visual identity. I’ll discuss this logo process in depth in my next blog post, but for now, back to the site.

With the new look & feel established, I quickly turned my attention to the layout of the site. Going in, there were some objectives I wanted to incorporate into the site. The new site would be clean with a focus on the work, responsive for viewing on mobile devices and I wanted it to include a blog. With those items in mind I jumped into the design process–sketching, comping, tweaking & refining until coming to a final solution.

One feature I knew I wanted to include in the site was showcasing some of the sketches and drafts behind each project. Typically, sharing work samples mean focusing solely on the polished, final result. But the road to a project’s solution is paved with all sorts of potential directions, hits & misses, what-ifs and, well, just some cool sketches. That’s why, with the new site, I wanted to peel the curtain back a little and include some of the early roughs and drafts that led to the final piece. For potential clients, including some of these early concept rounds means that with each project post, I’m demonstrating my creative process and an example of the scope of work that goes into each assignment.

As I continue to post and grow the site, I hope you enjoy the work and find the blog subjects I tackle and ramble about helpful, informative, or at least, interesting. If you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions, or just wanna say hello, I’d love to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by!



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